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Shirt Color Chart

Color Swatch Color Name Pantone Code Hexadecimal Code
Antique Cherry Red  Antique Cherry Red 7427C 971B2F
Antique Heliconia Antique Heliconia 227c AA0061
Antique Irish Green Antique Irish Green 348C 00843D
Antique Jade Dome Antique Jade Dome 7715c 006269
Antique Orange Antique Orange 7599C B33D26
Antique Royal Antique Royal 7715c 006A8E
Antique Sapphire Antique Sapphire 7706C 006269
Ash Ash Cool Gray 3 C C8C9C7
Ash Grey Ash Grey Cool Gray 3 C C8C9C7
Azalea Azalea 224C D977A9
Berry Berry 683C 7F2952
Blue Dusk Blue Dusk 7546C 253746
Black Black 426C 25282B
Blackberry Blackberry 5185C 4A3041
Brown Savana Brown Savana Warm Gray 10 C 776A60
Carolina Blue Carolina Blue 659C 7BA4DB
Cardinal Red  Cardinal Red 202 C 8D2838
charcoal Charcoal Cool Gray 10 C 66676C
Cherry Red Cherry Red 187 C AC2B37
Chestnut Chestnut 7615 C 83635C
Cobalt Cobalt 2736 C 374393
Coral Silk Coral Silk 184 C DF6B7C
Cornsilk Cornsilk 393 F0EC74
Daisy Daisy 122 C FED101
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Black 5 C 423238
Dheather Dark Heather 446 C 3F4444
Electric Green Electric Green 361 C 43B02A
Forest Green Forest Green 5535 C 273B33
Galapagos Blue Galapagos Blue 7470 C 005D6F
Garnet Garnet 188 C 7D2935
Gold Gold 1235 C EEAD1A
Gravel Gravel Cool Gray 9 C 747B7E
Heather Cardinal Heather Cardinal 194 C 9B2743
Heather Irish Green Heather Irish Green 7724 C 00966C
Heather Indigo Heather Indigo 431 C 5B6770
Heather Military Green Heather Military Green 416 C 7E7F74
Heather Navy Heather Navy 432 C 333F48
Heather Orange Heather Orange 1635 C FF8D6D
Heather Purple Heather Purple 668 C 614B79
Heather Red Heather Red 703 C B83A4B
Heather Royal Heather Royal 2727 C 307FE2
Heather Sapphire Heather Sapphire 7690 C 0076A8
Heliconia Heliconia 213 C DB3E79
Honey Honey 1365 C EDAESA
Ice Grey Ice Grey 434 C D0C4C5
Indigo Blue Indigo Blue 5405 C 486D87
Iris Iris 660 C 3975B7
Irish Green Irish Green 340 C 009E69
Jade Dome Jade Dome 7717 C 008E85
Kelly Green Kelly Green 335 C 00805E
Kiwi Kiwi 5777 C A3A76D
Light Blue Light Blue 536 C A3B3CB
Lilac Lilac 7679 C 563D82
Lime Lime 7488 C 92BF55
Marbled Charcoal Marbled Charcoal Cool Gray 10 C 66676C
Marbled Galapagos Blue Marbled Galapagos Blue 7470 C 005D6F
Marbled Heliconia Marbled Heliconia 213 C DB3E79
marbled Navy Marbled Navy 533 C 263147
marbled royal Marbled Royal 7686 C 224D8F
maroon Maroon 7644 C 5B2B42
meadow Meadow 349 C 046A38
metro blue Metro Blue 7687 C 264583
midnight Midnight 7708 C 005670
Military green Military green 417 C 63655A
mint green mint green 345 C A0CFAB
moss Moss 5747 C 3D441E
natural Natural 7527 C DCD6C1
navy Navy 533 C 263147
Neon Blue Neon Blue 2145C 004EA8
Neon Green Neon Green 2283C A7E163
Old Gold Old Gold 728 C CA9F75
Olive Olive 411 C 5E534E
Orange Orange 1665 C DF6426
Orchid Orchid 2635 C C5B4E3
PFD PFD (Prepared for dye) Not Available FFFFFF
Pistachio Pistachio 5787 C BDC293
Prairie Dust Prairie Dust 7497 C 7A7256
Purple Purple 669 C 3F2A56
red Red 7620 C B1302A
Royal Royal 7686 C 224D8F
 rs Sport Grey RS Sport Grey Cool Gray 7 C 97999B
Russet Russet 497 C 512F2E
Rusty Bronze Rusty Bronze 492 C 8E4344
safety Green Safety Green 382 C C6D219
Safety orange Safety Orange Orange 021 C E5801C
Safety Pink Safety Pink 1915 C E16F8F
Sand Sand 7528 C CABFAD
Sapphire Sapphire 641 C 077B5
Sky Sky 297 C 71C5E8
Sport Grey Sport Grey Cool Gray 7 C 97999B
Stone Blue Stone Blue 7544 C 788995
Sunset Sunset 7578 C FF7F41
Tan Tan 7503 C B29E69
Tangerine Tangerine 715 C E9954B
Tennessee Orange Tennessee Orange 144 C EA961C
Texas Orange Texas Orange Not Available Not Available
Tropical Blue Tropical Blue 7711 C 00889B
Turf Green Turf Green 3425 C 1C704D
Tweed Tweed 7540 C 4B4F54
Vegas Gold Vegas Gold 7507 C F4D1A1
Violet Violet 2715 C 8381BA
White White Not Available FFFFFF
Yellow Haze Yellow Haze 148 C F4D199

Holmes Hobbies stubby puller pro back in stock!

Need big power in a small size?


High Power. High Torque. High Performance. “Stubby” length!

When you want efficient power in a brushless sensored motor, the Puller Pro delivers. Perfectly suited as a drop in motor for most 2 or 4WD trucks that use 540 size motors, don’t let the small size fool you. This motor has similar power as a Castle 1406 or Tekin Pro4!

Four pole 17.5mm diameter x 17mm length Rotor
Twelve slot stator
14g phase wires with 4mm bullets installed
Oversized Bearings
Includes sensor wire
Minimally Vented Can
Shorter than a 540 style motor, but with 540 class power
25mm pattern
M3 mounting screws
3.175mm shaft
36mm diameter
44mm length
161g (5.7oz) with wires
50,000 rpm max
1 year warranty from date of purchase (60 days if waterproofed). Does not include damage from overheating, rusting, or improper installation.

Got Beef?

We are now stocking Beef Tubes!!

What is a Beef Tube?
Beef Tubes are an upgrade designed for Axial SCX10 and Axial AR60 axle housings that benefit the rig in several ways. First of all, Beef Tubes give the c-hub mounting screws a solid metal to thread into vs. the stock thin plastic that will strip out very easily. Beef Tubes also BENEFIT the rig by adding non-rotating weight inside the axle housing, keeping a low center of gravity, which in turn allows you to run less weight in your tires. Another benefit of adding Beef Tubes is the fact that they “BEEF” up your axle housing to reduce flexing and possibly breaking the housings itself. Beef Tubes are machined from solid bar stock.

Beef Tubes are proudly made in the U.S.A.!






Stuff Your Stocking!

As everyone prepares to go out and hit the midnight sales for Black Friday, the RC Addict will remain smart and shop from the warmth of his desk. Stuff Your Stocking on us with free shipping. Use code SYS2014 at to get free shipping on your order. Orders must be in by 12-12-2014 to receive by Christmas. You can also try code Christmas for 10% off all RC Addict gear.


Introduction of an addict

Hello, my name is Ryan, and I am an Addict.

I have been in and out of the RC hobby for about 22 years now. I was into RC cars as an adolescent and then, around the time I got a real car and girls started being more my focus, I dropped out of the RC scene. I sold off everything. I had mostly just forgot about RC for a long time. I had little dabbling here and there with stuff but nothing major or long lasting. In the spring of 2010, I was working as a project manager on a big project and living out of a hotel 4.5 hours away from my family. I was bored out of my mind and couldn’t really find much to do in the evenings. This got me thinking about RC again. I googled a hobby shop in Harrisburg, PA called Hidden Hangar, and drove over to check things out. I didn’t even know there were such things as RC rock crawlers and scale trucks. (When I got out of it I had been racing buggies and Nitro was the new thing.) In the spur of the moment, I bought an RTR Losi Mini Crawler 5 minutes before the shop closed. I played with it in the parking lot right then and there. After getting back to the hotel room, I got online and quickly learned all I could about them.

100_7328 100_7348 100_7349 DSCN0532

A few days later, I went back to the shop and bought a used SCX10 scaler with a Dodge truck body on it. This also came with LiPos that introduced me to a whole new world of power. I would take the truck and go walk the trails of local parks near my hotel and crawl on the rocks. I did my first full on water proofing in a hotel room and destroyed a hotel towel cleaning up greasy parts. Six weeks later, I owned 6 RC’s. I also helped to start up a local crawling club not to far from there that I still keep in touch with. The rest, as they say, became history.

100_7372 100_7374 100_7623 DSCN1135 DSCN1149101_7394
I used my knowledge of web design and server management to help get a couple of clubs up and running. My kids were interested in my new found addiction and I started including them in what I did. I saw a few RC videos on YouTube and that sparked another interest in me, combining my love of RC and my life long dream to be a director.

RC Addict Logo fixed text with copywrite

Life of an RC Addict was born out of the videos I was doing for the local club I founded, Keystone RC, and some how to videos and such. It had a little bit of a rocky start as I learned how to edit and also learned how to not bore people to death. I quickly adapted into showing off my life and some of the things that I love to do, and I tried to not do the same things others were already doing. As I listened to fan input the show became a reality and turned into what it is today. My life, often messy, and my family with me having fun.


I am a self employed computer nerd, and I have 4 kids and a wonderful wife. I live in a small, modest 3 bedroom house in a rural town that doesn’t cost much to live in. All these things are by choice so I can have more money for my addiction. I currently have 19 RC’s and manage one club, and help with another as well as manage web sites for 4 different clubs and host of Facebook groups and of course my own stuff. My children and I compete literally year round in scaler competitions with both clubs. We also host RC Garage night at my house every Wednesday where we wrench, bash, and play.

I have met a ton of really great people thru this hobby and look forward to meeting many more!