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RC Addict is now a Traxxas dealer!

Check out all the great new stuff coming your way from Traxxas.  If you are looking for something, message us we maybe able to order it in for you.  Here’s the list in the store of what we’ve got!

Cyber Monday Sales Start Now!!

Cyber Monday on the rest of the store starts now!! Use this code online to take 15% off all items that don’t already have a code. Check the offers page of RC Addicts facebook for more great offers! Code: CYBERMONDAY


Check out these dentable bodies.

This cool body from Metal Masher customs actually dents just like a real truck would. We now have this body exclusively available at RC Addict. You just need to create a cage for it.

You can buy only the panels you need or as a whole kit. Glue it together with shoegoo and reinforce to your liking for a unique scale truck that will get realistic scale damage from the trail.

So check it out and see if you want something this unique.


Trying out 3d Printed bodies

We recently bought files from DCH Customs to print some cool hard bodies. We are trying out some test prints to see how it goes and then we will be offering these for sale. This is the test print of the Ram Charger body. It’s taken over 24 hours of printing so far. Then we will need to glue the pieces together.

Keystone RC Winters Series Comp 4 of 6 of 2017 – Jan 22nd, 2017

The 5th Annual Keystone RC Scale Winter Points Series – Presented by Cow RC!!

If you have never comped and want to try, this is the perfect venue. Everyone is helpful and friendly and loves to see others succeed. Even if you don’t understand the rules, come and we will help make sense of them and show you the ropes. No one gets turned away from having a good time.

Arrive early for parking and setup. Drivers meeting and comp start at 9am.

Comp will be held in the KRC Comp Barn. Dress in layers for temp.
Pitting will be in the cafeteria next to comp barn.
Barn is owned by church. No alcohol or drugs allow. Waiver must be signed to participate or spectate please.

Running class 3, 2, & 1 based on rules
3 courses per class
points carry around 6 comps, throw away worst score for total for year stats.

$10 entry for first truck, $5 each additional.
Kids $5
Drivers, Only 1 truck per class please.

Changes for this year:
Class 1:
Tiny TSL and old small Flatirons, small rc4wd mud thrashers allowed in class 1
Max scale points: 50

Class 2:
Class 2 will have a drivers class and a regular class
Drivers class is required to have a minimum of 42 scale points on their rig. Scale points will no be calculated into scoring. This allows new drivers to have a more level playing field with veteran drivers. Drivers class will have cash payouts per comp. Side bets permitted. Drivers who fit this class know who you are and so do the rest of us. You will be shamed into joining if you have been comping for while.

Regular class 2 will take into account scale points (maximum 30) and then be halved and applied to each course run. This will allow new drivers to keep up with more experienced drivers.
Regular class will not be part of the cash payouts, but instead just earn points for the season standings and year end prizes.

Class 3:
Max scale points 40
Rear steer and dig will be counted once per course.

The Keystone RC Winter Series start this Sunday!

Are we getting excited yet? For the 3rd year in a row, RC Addict will host the Keystone RC Winter Scaler Points Series presented by CowRC. Many of you have been participated before and know how much fun this. It’s a great way to get out of the house in the cold winter months and enjoy some friendly competition with your peers.

This year we are introducing a Drivers class 2. This class requires your truck to meet rules and have a minimum of 42 points to participate. The scale points will not be counted in your score however, there is cash payouts in the this class every month.

The regular c2 class will have a points cap at 40 points and your points will scale points will count as normal, however there will not be cash payouts in this division.

C1 will run as normal with a 50 point scale cap.

C3 will run as normal with a 40 point scale cap. This is a bump up from last years 30 points, but still not the max layed out by We want to keep things competitive and fun and fair.

Classes will be run in descending order starting at 10am. C3, then C2, then C1.

The first comp will be held at Big Oak Ridge. Accommodations are available for those who have to travel a long distance.
We encourage participants to show up early (8am to setup and be ready to comp at 10am).

Cost is $10 for your first entry, and $5 each additional.
School age children are $5.
Kids 12 and under can participate in the Kids class which will run on the c1 courses. Kids are asked to try to have 20 scale points on their rigs and will learn the fun of competition, helping one another, and getting to hang out with other kids.

Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

We ask that there be no alcohol as this is a family function. Smokers please be kind with your butts and place in proper disposal units.

Spectating is free, however everyone will be asked to sign a liability waiver for the property owners protection.

There is plenty of level ground for setting up pit tables and EZ-Ups. There is limited space in the garage for pitting if you don’t have a shelter. We will be outside in tall grass around a pond. Please dress appropriately for the weather and be responsible for your children at all times.

View the Facebook event for more details:

Join us for some great fun!





Axial SCX10 ii in stock!

2005 marked the birth of the Axial brand, and shortly after, thoughts about the first SCX10 began, with development wrapping up in 2008. The SCX10 was introduced to the world as a builders kit, paving the way, or better yet, raising the bar for a new generation of scale trail enthusiasts. Previously, hobbyists had to “scratch build” a rig which presented a lot of technical hurdles to overcome. The SCX10 kit gave these “artists” time to focus their attention on other things like personalization and visual customization by removing the issues scratch-built scale rigs presented. And, it wasn’t just as a great kit to build, it was also a very capable driving machine, making it the de facto scale rig the world over. The SCX10 chassis platform provided all the technical attributes as well as scale looks with its signature all-metal twin c-channel frame, solid performing transmission and axles that provided enough realism with capabilities to match.

With the SCX10 II, we’ve kept essence of the SCX10 there with all-metal twin c-channel frame rails, but that’s only 2% of the 98% of a completely new design. Scale AR44 high pinion axles, a chassis mounted servo (CMS), re-designed transmission, front mounted battery tray, all aluminum suspension links, and a properly designed suspension for nearly zero bump steer. These are just a few of the features built into the all new SCX10 II.

The original AX10 axle was developed in 2007 for Axial’s first kit, the AX90001 Axial AX10 Scorpion RC Comp 10 – 1/10th Scale Rock Crawler – Electric Kit. In 2008, the AX10 axle was used in the SCX10 chassis, which paved the way for the scale trail scene.

While developing the next iteration of axles such as the AR60, we started thinking about what kind of axle would be more suited for the future of the SCX10. Our design of a new axle needed to feature three key points. First, we wanted the axle housing to visually quench the thirst of scale enthusiasts. Second, we needed to create a gear set with the technical attributes to overcome the torque twist that is often associated with smaller gear sets. Third, the axle itself needed to be durable.

After seven years of utilizing the original AX10 axle and two years of development, Axial is proud to introduce the industry’s first high pinion gear set in our newly developed AR44 axle! The next chapter of the Axial SCX10 begins with true technological engineering and scale realism!


In 2008, the AX10™ axle was used in the launch of the SCX10™ chassis platform. While developing the next iteration of axles such as the AR60, the thought process began on what kind of axle would be best for the future of the SCX10™. Axial’s development of a new axle needed to feature three key design points. First, an axle housing to visually quench the thirst of scale enthusiasts. Second, a gear set with the technical attributes to overcome the torque twist often associated with smaller gear sets. Third, the axle itself needed to retain the durability associated with the SCX10™, despite being delivered in a smaller axle housing. After seven years of utilizing the original AX10™ axle and two years of development, Axial is proud to introduce our newly developed AR44 axle with the industry’s first high pinion gear set. The next chapter of the Axial SCX10™ begins with scale realism backed with true technological development!

• High pinion gears for added ground clearance & better driveshaft angles
• The high pinion design allows increased gear surface contact for increased durability
• Larger load bearings used around the gear set to reduce flex and create a stronger drivetrain
• Single piece axle housing for added strength
• 1-piece all-metal locker front and rear
• Small pumpkin for increased clearance and a more realistic, scale look
• Bolt on link mounts
• Knuckle carriers and straight axle adapters have a better mounting system with 10-degree increment adjustments
• Optimized gear ratio – 3.75 compared to 2.92 previously. This reduces torque twist which is typically seen with other small pumpkin axle designs


The AR44 axle was designed for both aesthetics and functionality. To improve upon the older AX10 axle, we designed the steering components with an 8 degree kingpin angle which results in a positive scrub radius. Making this change to the pivot point means less tire scrub for steering efficiency and less load on the steering servo.

• 8 degree kingpin angle
• Improved scrub radius over the AX10 axle


Universal joint axles allow up to 45 degrees of steering and provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain.

• Up to 45 degrees of steering
• Smooth action for an efficient drivetrain
• Compact yet durable design
• Hardened steel construction


Scale looks on the outside, genuine Axial gears on the inside! The SCX10™ transmission received a design makeover with special attention paid towards aesthetics by mimicking a real transmission with a bell housing, oil pan and a 4X4 transfer case! And that’s just the beginning. By sitting the transfer case lower into the chassis and centering the driveshafts with the axle input housings, Axial has created a more efficient driveline with better driveshaft angles which puts less stress on moving parts. Better driveshaft angles coupled with hi-pinion axles IS scale realism backed with performance. Also includes full set of ball bearings and all metal internal gears for strength and durability.

• Transfer case design helps keep the driveshafts centered and as low as possible in the chassis
• Final drive ratio range 33.69 – 54.15 with available spur – pinion gear combinations
• Comes with 56T spur gear and 15T pinion / 32-pitch for durability
• All metal internal gears for strength and durability
• Final drive ratio (FDR) 40.44 with a range from 33.69 – 54.15 – Original SCX10 was 33.06
• Scale looks mimics a full size transmission and transfer case


Scale matters, but so does geometry! In pursuit of scale looks, we’ve moved the servo off the top of the axle and onto the chassis, just as a full size truck has its steering box located on the frame. But with this seemingly simple action comes a complexity of suspension hurdles to overcome – one of which is bump steer. The undesirable steering is caused by bumps interacting with improper length or angle of suspension and steering links. We made it our mission to design the front suspension in such a way that it eliminates or comes as close as possible to zero bump steer, to help give you the best driving experience possible.

• Scale looks with proper suspension geometry
• Anodized aluminum links included w/ M4 rod ends
• Adjustable servo mounting system allows for a wide range of servos to be used
• Properly designed suspension for nearly zero bump steer


The suspension geometry utilizes a 4-Link design for the rear which is optimized to reduce axle steer and torque twist. It also helps with steep off-camber climbs by having the proper amount of anti-squat and roll characteristics. The 4-Link system also aids against suspension wrap-up in high power applications.

• All links are metal including the steering
• Custom tapered center – flared ends design
• Large M4 rod ends
• Grey anodized aluminum


This chassis is designed at 12.3” wheelbase length, but is easily adjusted to either a 11.4” or 12.0” wheelbase (optional link kits sold separately). Axial designed the chassis so that all the wheelbase adjustability happens out back without sacrificing front-end suspension geometry. Simple removal and installation of the suspension links and changing the drive shaft length allows an easier way to adjust the wheelbase.

• Wheelbase adjustment is easily done in the rear end without affecting the steering geometry and maintaining zero bump steer.
• Adjustable wheelbase (11.4”/ 12.0” / 12.3”) (optional link kits sold separately)
• 4 link rear
• 12.3” wheelbase


The realistic high strength c-channel chassis frame is made of durable steel with cross bracing for reinforcement and is held together with all hex hardware. Realistic looking frame and cross braces improve chassis rigidity (torsional stiffness). Realistic shock hoops with multiple shock mounting positions allows you to adjust your suspension for maximum performance. The simplified design makes maintenance and assembly quick and easy. The contoured skid plate significantly reduces hang-ups on terrain. Compared to the previous design, additional holes have been added to the rear portion of the frame rails for making wheelbase adjustments.


Scale front and rear bumpers licensed by JCR Offroad.

• Rear mount has been extended and stiffer plastics chosen to help limit the typical sag seen in plastic bumpers
• Lenses included for light locations on bumpers
• Rear tow hitch included for added scale appearance


The new adjustable battery tray is now relocated lower and further forward for better weight distribution and center of gravity (COG).

• Adjustable tray that prevents the battery from coming loose or shifting while driving
• Posts are included to fine tune the fit based on the battery you choose
• Easy access for quicker battery changes
• Can accommodate batteries up to 32x44x147mm (3S 5,000 mAh)


What lies between the dirt and metal are the tires – your connection to the trail below. When it comes to tough terrain, adventure seekers reach for BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2 tires for their dependability on the roughest backroads.

• Officially licensed by BFGoodrich
• 4.65” x 1.65” / 1.9 (118mm x 42.5mm)
• R35 compound

BFGoodrich® Tires and All-Terrain T/A® KO2 Trademarks are used under License from Michelin

In an industry that’s all about the latest and greatest, while taking advantage of styling trends, sometimes the ‘less is more’ approach is quite refreshing and the mesh wheel offers just that. Clean, simple and METHOD STRONG! These officially licensed METHOD Mesh Wheels are replicated in true form for durability and a clean line look.


Fully licensed Icon Vehicle Dynamics™ shocks feature clear coated polished aluminum bodies, complete with aluminum faux reservoirs. The main body of the shock is threaded for quick ride height adjustments and pre-load tuning ability. Like their full size counterparts these shocks are completely rebuildable, tunable and offer consistent handling all while adding some of that Icon bling to your SCX10™ chassis.

• 61-90mm Aluminum Shock Set with 7mm piston


Three different silicone seals are included, one for the antenna, one for the servo wires (includes three slots for three channels), and one that acts as a gasket for the receiver box cover. No more stress when running in mud, water, or snow!

• Waterproof receiver box located on the side plates allows easy access and low center of gravity
• Clean mounting surface for your ESC is large enough to accommodate up to 50x40mm footprint

Wire routing has been thoroughly thought through to help keep your chassis layout looking clean. In addition to including wire clips/guides, there has been a channel created that runs the length of the chassis so you can run additional wires hidden inside the c-channel frame.

• Optional mounting points and wire routing for a chassis mounted servo winch and 2 speed shift servo


WB8 HD Wildboar™ front and rear driveshafts feature an updated design with a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength. A center splined slider floats between each end and features added material which reduces flex and fatigue.

• 3-piece driveshaft with strengthened slider-floater tube
• Increased surface at the connection between the ball joints and output shaft tubes
• 2x11mm cross pin adds 25% more surface area providing more strength for the ball joint
• Captured cross pin design eliminates older set screw design for more durability/easy maintenance
• Adjustable length driveline parts included in box

Our dual slipper design uses a pad on each side of the spur gear for added surface area. This allows for more precise tuning and holding power. The spur gear features strong, 32 pitch gearing for high torque applications.

• Slipper design uses a pad on each side of the spur gear for added surface contact area
• More precise tuning and holding power
• Strong 32P gear pitch for high torque applications


Comes with molded scale detail parts (Grill with clear lenses, mirrors, door handles and liftgate trim panel).

• Clear Body with detailed decal sheet and window masks


Throughout the rich history surrounding the Jeep® brand, there have been several influential vehicles hailing from the seven-slot stable, one of which is the Jeep® Cherokee (XJ). Possibly considered as the dawn of the modern SUV, the XJ was first presented 1984 as one of the first small SUV’s introduced into the American market, which carried on until 2001. During its 17yr production run, the XJ was built on several continents for world wide exposure, offered in either a 2-door or 4-door configuration, available in several different trim levels along with either a 2wd or 4wd drivetrain. Under the hood featured three different engine options consisting of 2.5L I4 AMC (125hp @ 5400rpm and 150lb/ft of torque @ 3250rpm), 4.0L I6 OHC AMC (193hp@4600rpm and 231lb/ft of torque @ 3000rpm), and a Euro spec only turbo diesel I4 OHV (114hp@3900rpm and 221 lb/ft @ 2000rpm). In 97’, the XJ received a facelift that updated design queues focused on aerodynamics, body stiffness, styling as well as the spare tire being relocated from the rear bumper to inside the cab. The stiffer uni-body construction brought forth improvements in noise cancellation and vibrations while aerodynamics improved engine efficiency.

From an off-roading perspective, the XJ has proven to be a relatively inexpensive vehicle for purchase thus making it a value based build option, capable of suiting just about any sort of budget. Its bones are strong thanks to a Quadra-Link suspension system and primarily coming with Dana 35 axles since the beginning, but there was a Dana 44 option between 87’-91’. Don’t let its smaller size fool you, there’s room for four passengers and space for days, making it a great expedition rig for friends and family to tag along.

REQUIRED ITEMS (not included)
This kit version will accept standard 1/10th scale brushed and brushless 4-pole systems and most major stick pack batteries.
SCX10 II™ 2000 Jeep® Cherokee 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – Kit
Jeep, the Jeep grille and related logos, vehicle model names and trade dress are trademarks of FCA US LLC and used under license by Axial Inc. © 2016 FCA US LLC.

BFGoodrich® Tires and All-Terrain T/A® KO2 Trademarks are used under License from Michelin

Brand New Item in Stock!

RC Addict now has the Hellfire Waterproofing Systems in stock.

Not longer worry about wet, soggy, fried electronics when running in puddles, mud, stream and the tears of losers.

Each kit contains enough stuff to waterproof two complete rigs.!/Hellfire-LAVA-Waterproofing-Kit/p/67781158/category=19912019