Monthly Archives: January 2017

Trying out 3d Printed bodies

We recently bought files from DCH Customs to print some cool hard bodies. We are trying out some test prints to see how it goes and then we will be offering these for sale. This is the test print of the Ram Charger body. It’s taken over 24 hours of printing so far. Then we will need to glue the pieces together.

Keystone RC Winters Series Comp 4 of 6 of 2017 – Jan 22nd, 2017

The 5th Annual Keystone RC Scale Winter Points Series – Presented by Cow RC!!

If you have never comped and want to try, this is the perfect venue. Everyone is helpful and friendly and loves to see others succeed. Even if you don’t understand the rules, come and we will help make sense of them and show you the ropes. No one gets turned away from having a good time.

Arrive early for parking and setup. Drivers meeting and comp start at 9am.

Comp will be held in the KRC Comp Barn. Dress in layers for temp.
Pitting will be in the cafeteria next to comp barn.
Barn is owned by church. No alcohol or drugs allow. Waiver must be signed to participate or spectate please.

Running class 3, 2, & 1 based on rules
3 courses per class
points carry around 6 comps, throw away worst score for total for year stats.

$10 entry for first truck, $5 each additional.
Kids $5
Drivers, Only 1 truck per class please.

Changes for this year:
Class 1:
Tiny TSL and old small Flatirons, small rc4wd mud thrashers allowed in class 1
Max scale points: 50

Class 2:
Class 2 will have a drivers class and a regular class
Drivers class is required to have a minimum of 42 scale points on their rig. Scale points will no be calculated into scoring. This allows new drivers to have a more level playing field with veteran drivers. Drivers class will have cash payouts per comp. Side bets permitted. Drivers who fit this class know who you are and so do the rest of us. You will be shamed into joining if you have been comping for while.

Regular class 2 will take into account scale points (maximum 30) and then be halved and applied to each course run. This will allow new drivers to keep up with more experienced drivers.
Regular class will not be part of the cash payouts, but instead just earn points for the season standings and year end prizes.

Class 3:
Max scale points 40
Rear steer and dig will be counted once per course.