Monthly Archives: October 2015

RC Addict now an Ottsix dealer!

Now you can get all those great Ottsix Voodoo tires from your favorite online RC accessory shop, RCADDICT.US!!!

Check out the brand new KLR tire that is stomping the Class 2 comp scene. This tire has been engineered from the ground up to be superior in every way to any competitor.

Wide foot print and awesome tread pattern means this tires clings to rocks like a fly, clean mud out like a hog, and deftly floats across sand and loose dirt like a lizard.

Ryan is personally running the blue compound on his C2 rig and smashed the 3rd Annual North Eastern Scale Top Truck Challenge with a 1st place win. He has been a diehard TSL XL user for the past 2 years, and this tire “blows away the TSL by miles, I’ve easily walked up lines that I could not make previously. It’s like the tire is covered in glue, it just sticks.”

Try some today!!/Ottsix/c/14971003/offset=0&sort=normal