Monthly Archives: August 2012

“New” Rig on the way

Recently, I built a class 2 truck that was a Losi Night Crawler on a SCX 10 frame. It had a lexan RC4WD ‘Yota body. It turned out nice, but it was not what I was wanting. The whole time, the truck I had pictured in my mind was an SCX 10 (frame and drivetrain) with a plastic Hilux body. A Hilux body with the normal bed (not stepside), and without the sleeper cab. Just a normal pickup body. Well, I was able to sell the LNC truck and find and buy the truck I was thinking of for $2.20 more! Here are some photos:

A few build threads

I have the following build threads that might serve as a good read if you are thinking of upgrading your rig, or changing a crawler into a scaler:

Losi Night Crawler to class 2 scaler, Toyota truck:  This is my current project.  So far, the LNC is using an SCX10 frame and sporting an RC4WD Yota body.

Axial AX10 Scorpion RTC to class 3 scaler, Ford Bronco:  The AX10 goes through a few different frame setups (as well as other mods) throughout the thread, and finally comes to rest on tcscrawlers X-Trail frame rails.

Original Tamiya Stadium Blitzer gets brought up to date:  While still retaining it’s vintage look, it gets a handmade aluminum chassis, aluminum shocks, increased steering range, a new motor, and ball bearings.

Enjoy!  Thanks,