Monthly Archives: April 2012

Final Cut Pro X for Mac

SO I have been toying around with Final Cut Pro X for mac and I have decided that it’s garbage. It crashes constantly. and I do mean constantly. I recently created a video that took no less then ten restarts of the program to 1 complete reload to complete. I know iMovie doesn’t do HD, but at least it was easy and did crash all the time. Also, the 4 minute export was 4 gbs. Holy smokes. Why does it need to be so huge?

Conclusion, probably dumping Final Cut after this project is done uploading.

Scale truck comp in Ellwood City, PA

On April 15th a bunch of us are going to Ewing Park in Ellwood City for a scale comp. If anyone is looking to carpool, let me know.

1st comp of the season.

When: April 15th
9:30 walk through and tech/score sheets
10:00 Comp starts

Request 5$ donation

Where: Ellwood City Ewing Park,+Pulaski,+PA+16143&gl=us&ei=kotpTOHZIo-jnQfqxeHABQ&ved=0CBQQ8gEwAA&hl=en&msa=0&ll=40.860897,-80.266092&spn=0.005842,0.013937&t=h&z=17&iwloc=00048eba78aa1c416ff45&msid=103991141128751327811.00048eba76948d3b1bc9e

Sign up for it here.